My J-Rock/Pop Art

This is a collection of J-rock/manga style art, inspired by my fascination with Japanese fashion, music, and animation.

The Curse of His Creativity
“The Curse of His Creativity” is a piece in honor of the musical artists that work so hard to get their life-reviving masterpieces to us. This acrylic painting was inspired by the wacky, but beautiful gothicness of J-Rock style music.

I hope that “The Curse of His Creativity” really resonates with other artists. I know I’m not the only one that can’t sleep at night due to a good idea!

Anime-inspired boys. This piece was created on water color board with acrylic paint. ”Hohoemi” means ”to smile” in japanese.

This J-pop styled artwork was a lot of fun to paint, which is why smiling became its’ theme. There will definitely be more pieces like this in the future.

“Subarashii” means “splendid” or “wonderful” in Japanese. This anime-style boy was painted in acrylic on canvas board.

At first this acrylic piece was going to be in full color, but the “watermelon” effect was far too enchanting.

Gen Sings

“Gen Sings” is a sketch that I did with black colored pencil on bristol board. I wanted to capture the power and intensity of a rock artist making his point.

Guitar Boy

“Guitar Boy” was painted in acrylic on stretched canvas. He rocks out on a pink electric guitar and lives in the sound!

I have loved manga and anime for a long time now, but have only explored J-rock and pop until recently; falling in love with bands such as Diaura, DIV, and Royz to name a few. I have these boy bands to thank, for destroying my ideas of what, and who, should be “beautiful”, hence why I often use boys for this style of art. Some think it’s strange, but I found it inspirational-a whole other realm of artistic expression.

I really hope you enjoyed these pieces.


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