Voices & Visions: Shelley Harland

Shelley Harland is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Sydney Australia. Shelley works in multiple music genres, but is perhaps best know for her electronic and trip-hop styled sound. She has released five albums and multiple singles, with much of her music appearing in television and film. She’s collaborated with other talented artists in the music world such as Delerium, Junkie XL, Sleep Thief, and more.

Arianna: Special thanks to Shelley Harland who has filled our house with beautiful music for many years. Shelley’s music is unique, inspirational, and emotional, and her powerful lyrics are deep and meaningful. We are grateful for her contributions to music, for art has the ability to heal and bring change to the world. I feel honored to have had the chance to speak with this amazing and talented woman, and I hope you enjoy listening to this interview and her music!

You can find her albums (Red leaf, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, etc.) and her singles (The Lonely, Fire to the World, etc.) on Spotify, Amazon, or Apple Music.

Interested in seeing a written transcription of this interview? Consider to volunteer and help us write it so others can read! Any and all volunteers will be credited. Message us on our contact page if interested.

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