Avery’s Sketchbook Tour 2020-22

Avery: I’m a big fan of sketchbooks, I used to watch lots of videos of artists giving their sketchbook tours. I often found inspiration seeing the different artwork they would showcase, the different styles, characters, and visuals. I think it’s like a window into the life of that person, you can see a little bit of what they were thinking or feeling at that time, what kind of projects they were working on, or what skills and techniques they were improving upon.

I first started carrying a sketchbook with me back in 2014. Since then I’ve filled about 8 books of drawings and have additional books for watercolor and other mediums. This is my sketch book from 2020 till June of 2022.

It is a little bit hard for me to share my sketch book, unlike a lot of other sketchbooks you’ll see online, mine is not as pretty looking as a lot of others. Often I use my sketchbook for doodling ideas for drawings and characters for my personal projects. Because of this, nothing I draw looks finished. But I think that ‘s okay, your sketchbook doesn’t have to be pretty, and that’s part of the reason I wanted to share mine. A sketchbook can just be a place to doodle and create ideas, you don’t have to value the book or your artistic talent based on how many pretty pictures are in your sketchbook.

Why should you keep a sketch book? One reason is that a sketchbook gives you incentive to draw everyday, and in doing so you can quickly improve your drawing skills. You are free to experiment and make mistakes without consequence. You can simply doodle, and have fun. The goal of drawing in your sketchbook is not to make a perfect masterpiece, but to express raw unfiltered ideas on paper. No one has to see your sketchbook, it can just be for you.

An old sketchbook is like a time machine in some ways, it shows you where you were in life, and like a diary, you can go back to old sketchbooks to remind you of past memories. Hopefully good ones! If used right, a sketchbook can be therapeutic, and used as a way to express yourself during your day.

My favorite characters I’ve created were born from doodles in my sketchbooks, often their first drawings were not that good, but I would feel a connection with the design, and over the course of time and many drawings, the character became more polished and refined.

I also don’t like to stick to only one artstyle, I think artists do a disservice to themselves if they stick to only one and don’t try to experiment. It’s understandable if you have had years of experience and have focused your style down to what personally feels best to you, but definitely don’t become rigid in your drawing style too early in your career.

If you don’t currently keep a sketchbook, I really recommend you do. Over the course of years and many sketchbooks, you will find these books will act as a showcase of your creative mindset and willingness to improve, and trust me, you will see improvement, and that improvement is very satisfying to watch.

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