Sony ZV-E10 and Why a New Camera won’t make you Happy

Avery: So I just picked up a brand new camera.

This is the Sony ZV-E10, it’s a popular camera among content creators. If you want to know the specs of this camera I’ll leave a link below, there are many videos online already covering this camera, and I’m not going to waste your time going over the same information that so many already have done. I recommend Mark Bennet, he has a video for just about every little thing you need to know about the ZV-E10, so check his videos out. So Instead, I’m going to show you what this camera can do, and what it looks like using the kit lens.


I just want to say that even when using the kit lens I so far feel this camera looks great, and is a big improvement in quality to my old camera the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, which for a camera a decade old has actually done me very well. It takes great pictures, has a 600 millimeter zoom, and is overall a great camera still. But it was about time for an upgrade, and I really wanted a camera that could shoot 4k video.

While it’s great to get new toys like this for creative work, it must be said that buying a new camera does not make you happier. Having creative tools is great but unless you use those tools for your own benefit, it does little in changing your life. You have to be the one to go out there and use these creative tools in a way that makes you happy, go out there and make films, go out there and take photos, you can do this with your phone right now even. But you have to be the one to take the first step. Take the first step. Don’t feel like you need the latest and greatest technology to do the things you want to do. I’m excited to use this new camera for sure, but it’s up to me to create adventures with it. Be creative, use what you have.

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