I’m an artist working in watercolor, acrylic, digital and just about any form of art imaginable. I’m extremely passionate about film making, animation, game creation, comics, story telling, and coffee, lots of coffee.

For me, characters and story telling has become the greatest passion of mine in recent years. I’m currently working on multiple projects that I hope to bring to life.

Vimeo, Sketchfab, Tumblr.

My painting and hand made work-

Much of this is acrylic and water color. I’m very slow when it comes to my paintings, I could be working on one or more for years!




My 3D work

All of this is made in the Blender software. An amazing free and open source software that gives artists like myself the ability to express myself in unbelievable ways. You’ll find me on the Blender Artists Forum under the name “ArtAvenue”.

I also use Krita and Gimp for post processing and compositing. Again, amazing software that’s both free and open source.






Check out some of my 3d work you can view in real time on Sketchfab.

©Avery Nakashima