I’m an artist, animator, and film-maker whom strives to create art with meaning and purpose. When I’m not working on my film projects, I create works of art in watercolor, acrylic, digital, and any other medium I find interest in, I take inspiration from all around me. I’m the main host of our interview podcast, “Voices & Visions”

Vimeo, Sketchfab, Tumblr, Itch.io, IMDB.

My painting and hand made work-

Much of this is acrylic and water color. I’m very slow when it comes to my paintings, I could be working on one or more for years!

CG & Digital Painting work

Using free and open-source software like Blender and Krita, I create digital artworks of all kinds. Some are a mix of hand drawn + digital

Check out some of my 3d work you can view in real time on Sketchfab.

©Avery Nakashima

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