I am an artist of paint, clay, and mix media, an author, poet, animal trainer, and gardener. I am currently learning guitar and Japanese, and I am fascinated by dreams, the mind, music, and nature. I love combining beauty and bizarre concepts in my art and hope to take that to whole new level in future projects.

I aspire to release a free digital book each month; I am currently working on kids books, poetry, and much more! Please keep an eye out for new releases!

You can read my Short Stories and Poetry Here!

You can find my children’s books here! 



My Polymer Clay work

These figurines and dolls were sculpted in polymer clay and painted with acrylics. The dolls clothes and hair were handmade, and the figurines have stone applications.


Other Creations:


This is my first puppet creature, Fuzz Muffin.

©Kai nakashima