This page is intended for teen to adult readers. These are full-length novels.

Welcome to the “Jade’s Crossing” universe!

Based on the profound dreams, experiences, and concepts I’ve had throughout my life, all of my novels belong to this special universe, where different times, places, and dimensions collide. You can follow the many inhabitants through various flavors, themes, and horizons as the stories continue to unfold. Although my first book, The March Of Stan A. Solve, is schemed around teenaged characters in a “realistic” school setting, you will find their lives deviating into other times, scenarios, and realms as the series moves on (The books don’t necessarily go in any particular order, so you can piece together the puzzles yourself!). Enjoy the diversity of adventure, grow with the characters you trust the most, and maybe even find out if you’ve crossed paths with my friend Jade, before…

I’d say my style of writing has the hint of the nonsensical, though one can still connect dots as the books go on. The characters are always evolving, and changing their minds, so sometimes it’s hard to keep up!

Check out the novel blogs for more in-depth info on particular books.

Child and the Sungods

Genre: (Fiction)/Fantasy/Adventure/Inspirational

The March of Stan A. Solve

Genre: (Fiction)/School theme/Teen

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