About us

From left to right; Avery, Kai, Arianna, standing in front of one of our Murals at the Wakulla County Extension Office.

Sacred Visions Studio is a collective of three artists; Arianna, Kai, and, Avery Nakashima.

We are proud participants in the international Twitter Art Exhibits.  The exhibitions have been held in Norway, UK, Orlando, Los Angeles, Australia, Scotland and New York. We volunteered for painting the Wakulla County Extension Murals, and continue to donate art to local Organizations/projects.

Sacred Visions Studio creates with acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media, digital, polymer clay, fabric, and much more. We enjoy photography, music, and of course, love to try new things. We share our life with several beloved pets; an adopted dog, a rescued cat, and two parakeets whom could not be any more opposite than one another! And because of our sustainable living and permaculture interests, we’ve also been planting and stewarding many beautiful plants and trees.

Together, we want to inspire as many as we possibly can towards a world that frees curiosity, follows passions, cares for the earth, and lives with creativity. We strive to produce meaningful content that focuses on creating the change we want to see in the world!


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