Arianna Nakashima

I am an artist who works in multi-media, mostly acrylics, oils and colored pencils. Some of my favorite art subjects are animals, flowers, and the human form. I am also a vocalist, song writer, crafter, poet and quilter. I play hand drums and the piano, and I am currently learning the Native American flute. A few of my new found interests are gardening and finding more loving and sustainable ways of living with the land. I love to see new places and learn new languages, and I am fascinated by the cultures of the world. I get a lot of inspiration from old traditions, crafts, music, folklore and mythologies from different times and countries. And in this modern day and age, we are moving so quickly, and I hope my art can remind people not to forget about all of the beautiful, meaningful things that have always been with us.

  • You can find my guided meditations here!
  •  I have contributed to some of Kai’s Poetry collections, which can be found here!
  • I have also co-illustrated childrens books, which can be found here!
Music & Art by Arianna. Audio design & animation by Avery.



©Arianna Nakashima

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