“Spirit Animal Meditations” is a new project we have just completed. I had a stroke of inspiration to do something different than the usual art I create, and the idea of recording a guided meditation came to me. Because of all of the stress and upset that has been going on in the world for many months now, I know a lot of us are needing a way to get calm, regain some clarity and just breathe! Adults are surely stressed, but this has been very hard on children as well. A guided meditation seemed like a good way to offer a space for some relaxation and centering to take place. Kai suggested I use the animal themed meditations she had written awhile ago. These were written with kids in mind, though adults can enjoy them as well! I had a good time narrating Kai’s lovely journeys with the Mother Bear, the Loving Dog, and the Magical Rabbit. And as always, Avery’s audio ambience adds a calming background music. I am very pleased with how these turned out, and I feel this was a project I was called to do during this difficult time. So please enjoy these, whether you are a child or adult. I encourage parents to participate in the meditations with your children. We wish you all love, courage and clarity in these changing times.

You can download the Mp3 files Here


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Arianna: This is my first guided meditation for children. It is part of a series of animal spirit themed meditations, written by Kai, guided by me, with audio ambiance and animation by Avery. I felt it was the time to create this meditation for offering a space to experience calm and peace, especially for the kids. I had a good time making this, and I think the birth of this project really helped me gain some clarity in myself during this difficult period the world is in. We also encourage parents to do the meditation with their kids, it’s a great way for every one to relax together! Headphones are the best way to experience this meditation. Please enjoy and we will have more meditations like this on the way. #guidedmeditation #meditation #meditative #meditationforchildren #art #spiritual #spirit #calming #calm #peace #peacespace #love #heartspace #feelgood #bear #bearart #motherbear

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Arianna: Here is the last of the 3 animal spirit meditations for children. In this one, the Magical Rabbit takes you on a journey to manifest a beautiful future. I think Avery did a great job on the background ambience, it really gives you the feel of being in an enchanted forest. Use headphones if you can, for the best experience of the meditation, and parents feel free to do this meditation with your kids! We have a blog on our website where you can download these tracks now too. #guidedmeditation #meditation #meditative #meditationforchildren #art #spiritual #spirituality #spirit #calming #calm #peace #peacespace #love #heartspace #feelgood #rabbit #rabbitart #ambiant #ambiantmusic #ambiance #manifestation

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