Kai Nakashima

I am Kai Nakashima. I am a versatile artist and writer of everything from novels to poetry, and children’s books. I am fascinated and inspired by dreams, the mind, music of many kinds, nature, and animals – particularly birds. My art styles vary from realistic nature, to manga style, bizarre beauty, and surreal fantasies. I am open to many mediums, genres, and concepts.

In 2019, I released a digital book on our blog each month, and intend to continue to do this so long as I have one to share. I often collaborate with Arianna, so you can find her work in many of these books as well.



These figurines and dolls were sculpted in polymer clay and painted with acrylics. The dolls clothes and hair were handmade, and the figurines have stone applications.


These are repurposed Beanie Babies, restuffed, posed with a bit of sewing, and painted for a finishing touch. And my hand crafted Muppets.

©Kai Nakashima

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