My Polymer Clay work

This is Sapphira, she is a polymer clay doll painted with acrylics and a satin sealer. Her handmade clothes are crafted around a soft body which I attached her head and arms to. The clothes were made with lace, felt, and ribbon. She was named and dressed for her beautiful eyes.

Here are my cats. Each were painted with acrylic and a gloss sealer. Their eyes are glass and/or gemstones.

This is a collection of some of the dolls I’ve made over time. I really struggled with the hair on these because I had to hand-craft it. The hair is acrylic.


Here is one of my newest works. This tribal unicorn has a horn of seashell, and has gemstone applique. The material of his mane and tail is wool.

These are just a few of the pieces I have done over the years, so I hope to share more of my work soon.


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