Bird Art Creations

Here is a small collection of bird-themed art pieces I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Fully Alive
This water color image depicts both the beauty and harshness of change. This painting wasn’t really about birds, but rather a spirit that can’t stop coming back.

I hope to  have a poetry novel about the story of this picture, finished soon. I titled this painting, “Fully Alive” after the beautiful song, “Fully Alive” by the awesome rock band, Flyleaf. It was this song that evoked the image.

Calliope Rainbow

Here is a Calliope Hummingbird in exaggerated watercolor. I painted this piece for the sheer love of hummingbirds, and the obsession of painting wings. It was painted on watercolor paper.

Painted in acrylic, the ”Jungle Ace”; a Mitred conure, rules his awesome world.

Mitred Conures are often overlooked as companions because of their lack of colors, but what attracted me to paint “Jungle Ace” was the winning “face” of these lively parrots. This particular acrylic piece was heavily “washed” which is how I got the background.

Happily Mysterious

“Happily Mysterious” is a Manga-Style inspired work done in ink and watercolor. This cool Cardinal is on his way to a masked ball.

Melodys' Moon Spell
I have to say, I really struggled with Melody’s lighting, but here she is. This enlightened owl holds many wise secrets that she is ready to share with the world.

“Melody’s Moon Spell” is an acrylic painting on canvasboard. I really enjoyed doing this piece as it was a rather magical experience. I hope Melody offers you some mystical insights like she did for me, and I hope to meet more of her friends in the future!


These are only a few of the feathered friends I’ve painted over the years, so you will definitely see more bird art in the future.


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