This post is another one that deviates from the art projects, and focuses on our sustainable living interests. So here are some more ideas for recycled projects you can make for your garden and outdoors!

I had started some acorn squash up from seed, and needed a trellis for it, so I made a simple one from bamboo branches and yarn scraps. It’s not perfectly shaped, but it gets the job done! I plan on making more of these as my other climbing plants get taller.

Here are some plastic milk containers that were turned into plant pots! They were cut and had holes popped in the bottom for drainage. They work pretty well. I have also been saving plastic yogurt containers for this purpose. Haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to make small plant pots with plastic water bottles too. You could use any kind of plastic container for a planter, but just remember to make drainage holes in them if they don’t have any already.

Another thing I use is plastic colanders for starting seeds. But I do layer the bottoms with dead leaves or pine straw since the colanders do have lots of holes!

Kai and Avery have started doing some wood work in the last few months, so they’ve got a few projects I will show you here.

First one is a chicken cage that was constructed with reused wood and a roll of chicken wire the neighbors were throwing away. It still needs a door, but here is a photo of it so far.

Here you can see the table frame.

Here is a tall garden box that was creating using an old wooden table as its base, and reused wood was added on to create the walls. Can’t wait to plant in it!

Avery also made a small birdhouse using reused wood.

So these are our more recent reused projects, and we’ll have more ideas to share soon!


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