Hello everyone! This month’s craft project is a beautiful necklace that was made of used materials. In addition to that, I also want to show you some other jewelry projects that Kai and I have created over the years.

The necklace isn’t 100% recycled, but all of the materials used were things that we have had around for a pretty long time, so it was good to put them to use at last! The clasp, beading wire and glass beads are all remnants of previous projects, and/or never used jewelry findings. The centerpiece of the necklace is an old earring from a pair I wasn’t wearing anymore. (I have plans on making a necklace with the other earring too, maybe in a similar style, but a different color scheme).

Here are some more necklaces (semi-recycled):

The first has carnelian beads that were originally from a bracelet that was broken. Initially I planned on fixing the bracelet, but decided to give it a new life as a necklace. I added glass beads of a similar look, and created this piece.

The second is a necklace I started many years ago, (the materials were new at the time) and I just got to finishing this project now. I believe the long beads are made of dyed shell.

These are a few of Kai’s jewelery pieces:

The one below was extended to be used as a Christmas garland.

Hope you all liked seeing our work, and maybe it will inspire you to get creative with your own jewelry.


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