For the month of October, the recycled project is again for the garden. A repaired bird feeder and a makeshift bird bath are now helping the wildlife in our yard.

We found the bird feeder in a junk pile someone was throwing away. After taking it home, I cleaned it and gave it a nice coat of purple outdoor paint. Kai helped me add a weight to the bottom, so the birds and squirrels wouldn’t swing the feeder around too much! Now it hangs on our magnolia tree outside, and we see birds on it all the time.

In the middle of one of our garden beds, we placed an old bird bath stand, and set a bowl on top for water. A few rocks were added to give the birds places to stand. This is one of two baths we have in our yard, and they are very popular places the birds like to hang out at.

It’s very pleasing to see how much this affects the animals living in our midst and I hope this inspires and reminds you of simple ways you can support the wildlife near your own home- and recycle while you’re at it! I would love to hear about any resourceful ways that you help your backyard critters out.

Peace and love to you all!


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