Mission Santos – Novel

Kai: Mission Santos is complete! This full-length novel is the sequel to the March of Stan A. Solve, and belongs to what I call the “Jade’s Crossing” universe.

Part sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, and war-fiction, this book proceeds the life of Jade Jewel, a curious high schooler, whom follows the mystery of a long lost soldier into a time-twisting looking glass. As Jade seeks to recover the missing Lave Santos, he finds himself on a wild journey, crossing paths with monsters, evil doers, and many other dangers. He must face the heat of battle, conquer his bizarre dreams, and finish what he came for: To rescue Lave, and return home.

This is probably the most intense book I’ve written so far, but I believe it is also the most in-depth. Much of it did come from dreams that I’ve had, and overall, is symbolic of the battle that goes on within the mind.
The characters from this installment are particularly dear to me because the violent themes bring out their most vulnerable qualities, and create that ever so prevalent confusion surrounding relationships.
Both realistic, and unrealistic, I stick to my eccentric style of writing, switching scenes quickly from one dimension to the next, some time to another, physical reality to dream world, and so on.

So let the mission begin. Read Here.

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