New Song! “The Water is Where we Gather”

Arianna: This is a new song I finished, called “The Water Is Where we Gather.” Now, water is most obviously necessary for any living being, but I was also pondering how water has shaped cultures around the world. It was very sad to learn about how many seaside and fishing villages in many places don’t exist anymore, whether due to their livelihoods being turned commercial or no longer allowed, and by being forced out by those whom were altering these areas for tourism, among other things.

The oceans and bodies of water held so much of what many cultures needed and held sacred, so when the true fishermen were separated from the waters they had fished in for so many generations, an entire culture and way of life was destroyed.
Having grown up in a place of beautiful beaches and springs, that are surrounded by tourist attractions and condos, I do keep in mind that there were people whom held these spaces in reverence long before the cities were here.
This is a song written in honor of the water and all the life and mystery she holds, may we all remember we cannot live without her.

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