Twitter Art Exhibit 2023 is open!

We just signed up for Twitter Art Exhibit 2023!

What is @twitterartexhibit you ask? It is an organization/event where people from all over the world can submit a post card sized artwork that will be sold at the event to raise money for charity! Twitter art Exhibit has helped 12 charities and raised in total sales $155,095 USD in support. We have participated for many years now, and always look forward to it!

You can learn more and register on their website, and we recommend you do! It’s fun to create art that can help bring good to the world! This year the exhibit is supporting @unyayouth

If you create a card yourself, make sure it’s of a durable material. Our cards are cut from @strathmoreart bristol board that is cut down to a 13×17.5cm (5x7in) postcard. The card material depends on the medium you’re working in.

Registration closes April 18, but your cards need to be mailed in earlier. The exhibition and sale will be June 24-25, 2023. So what are you waiting for? Get creating!


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