Into 2021 + Short Story

It is a brand new year, and we hope to begin it with a bang! We have lots of exciting projects ahead, and want to share them in a fresh, new way in 2021!

Avery: I tend to work on multiple projects at once, so I’m never too sure what my next creative endeavor will be. I have film, comic, and game projects all in the works, it is simply time that will tell what gets made first. But one thing that I do know is, I want to prioritize having fun in making these projects, and enjoy the process of creating them.

Arianna: Through my journey of the last year, I have learned and made discoveries along the way that have inspired me for projects in 2021. I have planned for a lot more gardening and outdoor projects this year, as well as releasing music that I have been working on. Sewing, knitting and crochet has become a major obsession, so be assured you will be seeing more from me in that area of art!

Kai: This year, I continue to present a new digital book each month, starting with a short story that I wrote back in October, when I had a peculiar, but beautiful dream about cats. It is a simple, but refreshing tale that you can read here.

In addition to my writing, I’m aiming to embark on creating some inspirational projects in much different mediums and genres than I’m used to…I am ready to try some new things.

From all of us: Starting this year off we’ll be joining Twitter Art Exhibit 2021, a fantastic event and organization where artists from all over the world can submit a postcard sized artwork. We’ve been a part of the TAE family since it’s inception. (Well at least Arianna & Kai) and we’re very excited to be a part of it again!

We don’t know exactly what else is in store for us this year, but we would like to see more collaborations, community projects, and kindness. We continue doing the best we can on all levels, and wish for 2021 to be a rebirth for everyone on planet earth! Much love from the three of us, let us know what you are doing this year to change your world for the better.

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