Voices & Visions: Sean Seid

Sean Seid is a poet, photographer, and musician based in Florida, he is the author of his newly announced poetry book “The Love Inseid”. Sean shares with us a spiritual perspective on the creative process, and gives insight on how creativity and spirituality are more connected than we think.

Avery: I’m so excited to have done this interview! Sean is the first local artist I had the opportunity to talk with in person. Sean weaves art and spiritually together in a beautiful way. It was a joy to speak with him and I’m happy to have met him! Please stay until the end, and listen as Sean recites one of his inspirational poems. Now, please enjoy this insightful interview!

Interested in reading a written transcription of this interview? Consider to volunteer and help us write it for others to read! Any and all volunteers will be credited. Message us on our contact page if interested.

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