Voices & Visions: Lori McNee

Lori McNee is an artist, author, social media influencer, blogger, and art educator. She is the Author of “Fine Art Tips”, and host of her own T.V show “Art Beat with Lori McNee”. Lori is known for her stunning landscape and wildlife paintings that have been featured in numerous publications and galleries. Through her paintings, Lori reconnects the audience with the natural world, a world perhaps that many people today have become separate from.

Avery: I hope you all enjoy this interview with Lori, I know she is a busy person, so I am grateful for the opportunity to chat with her! Lori is a talented wildlife artist I think many aspiring painters can learn from, her work depicts nature in a gentle, beautiful, and magical way. As always I hope you find benefit from this interview, and so long as people keep enjoying these artist conversations I will continue to make them!

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