The Judge of Ivory

The Judge of Ivory follows a young, wild woman’s journey through a fantasy world torn between civilization, Nature, magic, and impending science – The overthrown Kingdom has found a way to manipulate the outcome of the future! When Dazzle and her friends are whisked away by a band of mysterious gypsies to save “feral” kind from the Kingdom, Dazzle finds out that she is more powerful than she ever believed possible… But what is this special power she discovers?

This is another full length novel for those who enjoy fantasy. It is an adventurous story that prequals my books “The March of Stan A. Solve”, and the soon to be released, “Mission Santos”.

This is actually an older piece of my work that I’ve only polished up recently. I feel it is a messily written, but both fun and dark sort of tale with vivid characters and an unexpected ending. -Kai

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