Spirit Animal Meditations II

“Spirit Animal Meditations” is a project we started last year. We released the first set of meditations in August 2020, with the 2nd set released later that November. The first album consists of three tracks- “Mother Bear”, “Loving Dog”, and “Magical Rabbit”. The 2nd album was Ocean themed, consisting of- “Peaceful Whale”, “Happy Dolphin”, and “Wise Sea Turtle”.

“When you meditate and connect to something greater, you can create and then memorize such coherence between your thoughts and feelings that nothing in your outer reality—no thing, no person, no condition at any place or time—could move you from that level of energy.”― Joe Dispenza

Mother Bear
Loving Dog
Magical Rabbit
Peaceful Whale
Happy Dolphin
Wise Sea Turtle

These meditations were created with hope that they would bring a little peace into people’s lives. With everything going on in the world, there’s a lot of stress and emotional issues coming up, and we felt like creating something that would help people tap back into a calmer state. Originally they were created for children, but adults can enjoy these meditation journeys as well. We encourage parents and children to do the meditations together, it can be a relaxing time to share with each other. We hope you enjoy, and may it bring a bit of peace into your life.

Meditations Guided by Arianna, Written by Kai, and Audio Designed by Avery.

Watch the animated visualizations here- InstagramOdysee

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