Animator Chat w/ Isaac David Quesada

Isaac David Quesada is an Artist, Animator, & Motion Graphics Designer based in Mexico. He does freelance Illustration & animation work, and is one of the animators on the documentary film, “A Pebble In The Pond.”

Avery: A few months ago, me and Isaac filmed this joint interview over Zoom. Isaac and I are both animators for the documentary film: “A Pebble in the Pond.” In this video Isaac and I share our love and interest for animation, and what drew us to the medium.

On the topic of, “A Pebble in the Pond” The film is soon going to play at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival. The film will be available as a virtual screening for one week starting Nov 19th. You can purchase a ticket for 5$ or get the whole festival pass for 25$. The film is described as a “Feel Good” documentary that spotlights a non-profit, founded by an innovative woman that has been helping children and changing lives for over 125 years. I don’t just recommend watching because I worked on it, but because it’s really an inspiring film that I think many of you will enjoy.

Link to Virtual Screening tickets here – LIMITED TIME ONLY –

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