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Avery’s Sketchbook Tour 2020-22

Avery: I’m a big fan of sketchbooks, I used to watch lots of videos of artists giving their sketchbook tours. I often found inspiration seeing the different artwork they would showcase, the different styles, characters, and visuals. I think it’s like a window into the life of that person, you can see a little bit of what they were thinking or feeling at that time, what kind of projects they were working on, or what skills and techniques they were improving upon.

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Voices & Visions: Shelley Harland

Shelley Harland is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Sydney Australia. Shelley works in multiple music genres, but is perhaps best know for her electronic and trip-hop styled sound. She has released five albums and multiple singles, with much of her music appearing in television and film. She’s collaborated with other talented artists in the music world such as Delerium, Junkie XL, Sleep Thief, and more.

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