Happy New Years Everyone!

A very Happy New year from Sacred Visions Studio!

Avery: Happy January everyone! The future is here! I hope you all have had a good holiday.

This year has had its ups and downs, but ultimately, was creatively fruitful. Did you know we have a Youtube channel? We have one for both @sacredvisionsstudio and @awakenthewildsoul, these channels were set up at the beginning of last year and have had there share of content on them. I expect to see inspiring creative content, fictional works like audiobooks, short animations and music to be on the Sacred Visions channel. I also need to post some of my old podcasts on the channel, and maybe record some new ones, it's been awhile since I did an artist interview...🤔

My passion for film-making also hit greater heights this year as I've been working on a lot of short documentary videos with some really cool people on homesteading, gardening, and ecological subjects and hope to do a ton more this year for Awaken the wild Soul. Expect a lot of cool content there.

For me personally, I have so many creative fictional works I've been trying to output for years now. Comic, game, and film projects that I've been working on and have shelved for the longest time. I want to get these ideas out there, but you only got so much time to do what you want to get done. I'm going to do my best to output what I can, and find creative new ways to express the storylines and characters I've had in my head for the longest time.

Be creative, inspire others, and do what you can with what you have. Happy New Year!
Kai: Well, it is the New year. Reflecting on last year, I can say a lot has changed, and a lot remains the same. While it's safe to say I worked hard for some things, others, were a complete strike of inspiration or synchronicity, a helping hand from neighbors, or a complete blessing from the universe. While I am very grateful for these things, it's the things that remained the same that I truly came to appreciate... Sometimes it's nice to have something familiar to rely on when the world is going at warp speed! 😓

I tried a lot of new things last year. Met a lot of people. Found some new interests, improved some old skills.
Turtles were falling from the sky - not really, but there were a lot of turtles appearing out of nowhere!
Birds continued to be a huge part of my life, as well as my painting, writing, and other arts.
I learned a lot of difficult lessons this year. But I was also blessed with many answers.
It's been a busy year for all of us at sacred visions studio, but we tend to like it that way.
As far as the new year goes, I hope to remain creatively busy, and share what I have made. I have several digital books in the making, I hope to finish some muppets, portraits, poetry collections, I hope to break out the rotary equipment, build another coop, train the pigeons, learn more about chemistry, astrology, and herpetology, bring to life the rest of the art materials I inherited from a friend, and perhaps create a new breed of goldfish! 😄

I wish you all good luck and blessings on your own goals and paths. Have a life-changing new year, go for your dreams, and just keep going! You can do it!
Arianna: I can't believe it's already 2023!

In the past, I've usually written a list of specific goals for the new year, but I feel that this time I'd like to be intentional, purposeful and inspired with what I'm doing, and not just have a checklist of goals. So here's an idea of what I have in mind for 2023.

For the homestead, I have plans on expanding the family of rabbits, breeding my Holland Lops and acquiring a bigger breed to use as a meat and fur rabbit. Rabbits have truly proved to be one of the easier animals to care for, and everyone enjoys having them.
A goal here is also to have the garden so productive that I will be feeding the rabbits with only homegrown foods which I think will be possible this year.

After a long period of introspection and finally performing my music for the first time in public, I have plans on sharing more of my musical content this year. I intend on going to more open mic events, there are some music video ideas in the works, and I also have brand new songs that I can't wait to debut.

Another subject I intend on spending time on is fiber crafts. I fell in love with knitting, spinning yarn, crochet and sewing, and have been fortunate to have been gifted with the means to learn how to do these crafts. I'm not too attached specific goals here, but I do plan to attempt more advanced projects, like knitting intricate shawls and perhaps sweaters!

I also plan to bring more videos about our homestead endeavors, sewing projects and cooking recipes. I'm not that comfortable on camera, but ill only get better with practice. And I do have some valuable things to share with you all, so I plan to make more videos this year.

So far these are my inspirations for the year, but I'm open should new ideas, goals or opportunities arise. I wish everyone the best for 2023, and may your dreams be accomplished in inspiration.

Have a blessed New Year everyone!

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