We all Have Something to Say

“Art requires imagination. It requires Creativity. Creativity requires experience and experience comes from your life. And your life is expressed in your art.” -Bruce Lee

Avery: We all have something to say, it is why we create art. It is why we share art. Sometimes we don’t know what we want to say, but we feel it, so, we express it, in whatever form that it may be. It could be painting, it could be dance, it could be music, it could be poetry, it, could be anything, but I hope whatever it is, it is creative, because if we do not emotionally express ourselves through art, then how that emotion expresses in reality, could be messy. Sadness and anger, are strong emotions, but they do not need to be destructive, instead, these emotions can be the fuel to creativity. Art is a means of transmuting oneself, so do not be afraid to make art.

My definition of art, is an emotional expression made manifest. It is the connection of ideas, emotions and people. We make art to connect. So do not be afraid to make art, some people will like it, some will be indifferent, some will hate it, and others will fall in love with it. Make art because you love it, and you want to share it, that is what art is for.

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