My J-Rock/Pop Art

This is a collection of J-rock/manga style art, inspired by my fascination with Japanese fashion, music, and animation.

The Curse of His Creativity
“The Curse of His Creativity” is a piece in honor of the musical artists that work so hard to get their life-reviving masterpieces to us. This acrylic painting was inspired by the wacky, but beautiful gothicness of J-Rock style music.

I hope that “The Curse of His Creativity” really resonates with other artists. I know I’m not the only one that can’t sleep at night due to a good idea!

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Bird Art Creations

Here is a small collection of bird-themed art pieces I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Fully Alive
This water color image depicts both the beauty and harshness of change. This painting wasn’t really about birds, but rather a spirit that can’t stop coming back.

I hope to  have a poetry novel about the story of this picture, finished soon. I titled this painting, “Fully Alive” after the beautiful song, “Fully Alive” by the awesome rock band, Flyleaf. It was this song that evoked the image.

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New artwork from Avery!

Faith In Humanity
I always wanted to create a picture of an alien that had a “Mystical” quality to it. So when i was working on a digital sculpt one day and noticed the head of the character I was working on was disproportionate, it reminded me that i wanted to do a picture of an alien. And so here it is! I hope you all like it! The alien and planets were rendered in the Blender 3d software.