Bird Art Creations

Here is a small collection of bird-themed art pieces I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Fully Alive
This water color image depicts both the beauty and harshness of change. This painting wasn’t really about birds, but rather a spirit that can’t stop coming back.

I hope to  have a poetry novel about the story of this picture, finished soon. I titled this painting, “Fully Alive” after the beautiful song, “Fully Alive” by the awesome rock band, Flyleaf. It was this song that evoked the image.

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Twitter Art Exhibit -Australia 2018

We’re very excited to exhibit our artworks at the 2018 twitter art exhibit in Australia! This year the charity which is being supported is Pegasus Riding for the disabled of the ACT.

We’ve participated in the exhibit since 2010 which was held in Norway. Always honored to be a part of the exhibit!